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Iowa Looks To Secure Bowl Bid


Santayana once said, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. There's no doubt that Kirk Ferentz remembers what happened when his team last met Purdue

"We got beat thouroughly. In all phases, really from the start."

The significance of Boilermakers 31 to 6 victory wasn't known at the time-- but it eventually would be the difference that kept the Hawkeyes home for the holidays--

AJ Edds, Iowa Linebacker - "Seeing 6 or 7 Big Ten teams playing in a bowl, and we were one of the teams sitting at home."

And although the disappointment may be in the past-- the Hawks are using it to positively affect their future--

Matt Kroul, Iowa Defensive Tackle - "You don't want that to happen again. You want to finish strong with these last 2 games and it's something we didn't do last year."

Edds - "If there's any complacency, all you have to do is think about the feeling last year when we found out we weren't going anywhere, and just knowing the way that felt, that should be enough to get anybody ready to go."

Now the hawkeyes feel that motivation will send them somewhere warm this winter-- because for a college football team and coach-- the last place they want to be-- is home for the holidays

Ferentz - "We had 6 wins last year, and we were all sitting around the fireplace for Christmas with chestnuts and all that stuff roasting, you know, music playing, so I'm not a big fan of egg nog."

Mark Woodley-- Iowa's Newschannel 7-- Iowa City

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