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Largest Farm Toy Show on Earth

DYERSVILLE (KWWL) -- People from across the country are in eastern Iowa for the world's largest farm toy show.

"I built everything, but the disk blades. I have a fellow who makes them," said artist Darryl Cox.

Over the weekend, artists like Cox showed their work at several locations in Dyersville.  The "National Farm Toy Show" draws toy enthusiasts from all over the world.  Displays ranged in materials from styrofoam, to dirt, and some even used tree branches.

"The biggest congregation is in the I-states, Iowa, Illinios, and Indianna, so geographically, its sort of easier to get here for most people and of course the Eartel connection and the last couple of decades the other manufacturors have made a presence her as well," said Matt Scheibe with Toy Farmer Magazine.

The show is put on by toy farmer magazine.  It's an annual event for dyersville.

Online Producer: Mike Verlo
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