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University President Gives Ferentz Vote of Confidence


Hawkeye Head Football Coach, Kirk Ferentz, is getting a major vote of confidence from Sally Mason, President of the University of Iowa. Mason told KWWL-TV Anchor/Reporter Ron Steele she has complete confidence in Ferenz and his young team. The hawks are just 12 points from being undefeated this season, heading into Saturday's home game with unbeaten Penn State.

When asked to give viewers her thoughts on the football team and Coach Ferentz, The University President quickly responded: She said,  "Oh, I would give Coach Ferentz a vote of confidence anytime. Like I say; this is a man with great values. He continues to do a great job. He's got a young team, and we are just 12 points from that perfect season, which is only a small consolation at this point in the season. We've got a big game coming up against Penn State. I'm not going to make any predictions. We've got two games after that, I think, some good opportunities still, to go to a good bowl. And, my optimism is such with this team, and the way they have come together as a team, and the coach. That, I think that's still a strong possibility.

In addition, the University President, says the safety of all women on Iowa campus, and all students, for that matter, is the highest priority.  She says changes are being made in the way the University of Iowa responds to serious incidents, like the recent sexual assault investigation, involving two former football players. The recent Stolar Independent Report criticized the University's handling of the investigation.       

In that case, she says the investigative process was just too complex, confusing and difficult to understand.

The President says, "It's no surprise that the parents and the family were feeling as if nothing was happening, or it wasn't happening fast enough, or it wasn't happening in a timely fashion"

"I could appreciate, very much, their frustration. and we have to get to a point in the future, where frustration isn't an issue. It's clear what needs to happen; when it will happen, and how it will happen, and that student safety, in this particular case, victim, safety, and at the same time, understanding those who are alleged to have committed a crime be given fair treatment , too. That all of this is taken into consideration. There were just too many places, too many different ways in which this could have been handled; too many people interacting It really needs to be much more concise; much more streamlined, single point of contact, and policies and procedures that anyone can read and understand."

When asked, "Shouldn't it (a sexual assault allegation) be a formal investigation from the beginning?" "Well, these things are under discussion right now, and it's going to be part of, obviously, what we'll know more about when we get the results back from our technical assistance program coordinators, who are helping us."

            KWWL-TV interviewed President Mason this week in her Jessup Hall office on campus.  The KWWL-TV News has been airing various answers from the interview this week on our news at six and ten.




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