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Cleaning-up after a long election

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- For two years, Iowa hosted dozens of town hall meetings and rallies. Now campaign workers are facing the aftermath of that hard fight.

"Once Barack Obama finished his speech here on the big screen. As he finished his speech all the people just began to take all the posters down, taking them home as a souvenir," David Goodson said.

Goodson turned his cafe on East 4th Street into a headquarters for the Barack Obama campaign, but now that the campaign is over the clean-up has begun.

"It's going to be a challenge, but I have some individuals who will be stopping down to help out and we will have it whipped into shape in no time," Goodson said.

The clean-up doesn't stop at campaign offices, political signs must come down as well. That's where members of the Local 838 Community Action Program are spending the entire day picking up local Democrats campaign signs.

"Whenever we work the campaign we help afterwards to pick up the signs. There's a lot of work that goes into putting these signs up...They have to come down too so this is just part of the campaign," said campaign volunteer, Brett Fullton.

Now these volunteers hope their hard work will create change.

"I don't take credit for that... That belongs to all of those young people who ran this operation and made it successful here in Waterloo," said Goodson.

As for the political yard signs, a number of cities including Waterloo follow the state charter requiring all signs to be removed from public and private property seven days after the election.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer 

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