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Eastern Iowa voters cast their ballots

by Bob Waters

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- Who voted played a big role in this election.

Near record turnout in Black Hawk County saw large numbers of people not wanting to miss voting in a historic election.

Voters in Cedar Falls lined up throughout the day and into the night to cast their vote in this election. The only sure vote: History will be made with either a woman vice president or an African-American president.

Voters say, "I'll stand in line as long as it takes." "The TV is full of ads, it's nice to get it over with." "It's the most important election of our time, there's a lot at stake here."

"Regardless how it turns out, we've seen a change in this nation and it will never be the same again," says Lou Porter.

Porter's community radio station, KBBG, took calls from listeners throughout the day detailing the election experience.

"People have gotten to the point to say if we want this, we've got to participate. And we have to bear some responsibility and we're willing to do that," says Porter.

Voters we talked with say, though, their vote wasn't about a black man or a woman, but about the issues.

"It doesn't make a difference to me at all, it's just like every day out here, you got somebody working the line at Tyson's, it doesn't matter if they're Mexican, Bosnian, as long as they can do the job," says voter Will Black.

"It's the values behind the person. It could be male, female, black, white, doesn't make any difference to me as long as they know what they are doing and do a good job," says voter Jan Flemetakis.

Online Reporter: Bob Waters
Online Producer: Mike Verlo

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