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Final push for votes

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - In the final hours before an election, it's the door-knocking and street walking that can make a difference.

Obama volunteer Lucas Oglesbee prefers it to dialing phone numbers all day. "Any time you can talk to a person one-on-one, you know, there's definitely going to be a better interaction there."

He's been tackling list after list of addresses. We asked him how many homes he'd visited. "I don't even want to know, like thousands of doors," he replied.

The same goes for Sharon Boyles, a volunteer for the McCain camp. "I must've stopped at 50 different places the other day," she told us.

Both say house calls and hand-shaking do have their ups and downs. Oglesbee can tell some of the folks he's visited have had enough of this election. "Getting the door slammed in your face is something that occurs every now and again."

Boyles says the positive house calls are sometimes followed by not-so-positive ones. "There were a couple that maybe I didn't get as good of a response from."

In the end, they say a little discomfort is worth it. "The fact that people have been harrassed a number of times is never a good thing, but it's an important election, and we've got to do it," says Oglesbee. Boyles agrees. "I just think it's so important that people are encouraged to get out and vote," she says.

It's at least one thing that the two parties have in common: a passion for reminding people of their right to vote.

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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