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Halloween Safety

Before you send your costumed little one out into the night, we want to remind you how to keep them safe.  In Health Plus, a reminder about Halloween and how to keep it happy. 

"One's gonna be a lion and one's gonna be a witch, a good witch," says Aaron Schutte, a Jesup parent. 

At this point, most parents know what their kids are dressing up like for Halloween.  But do they know how to keep them safe?  Times definitely have changed.

"We would go with a group of friends, tour around the neighborhood and then when we were done one of the parents would take us to another neighborhood," says Mike Bistline, another Jesup parent.

Nowadays, these Jesup dads are a bit more cautious.

 "We just go to friends and family, church members that we know."

Doctor Mark Feldkamp at Covenant Clinic in Jesup says be careful.

"Kids are excited so they're going to be running like crazy. It's getting dark out. They may be wearing a mask or something where they can see. So if you're with your kids have them slow down."

And don't forget to look out for other kids while trying to keep yours safe.

"We take 'em around now and just in our car it's pretty slow-going because you have to keep your eyes open for every little person that's running across the street."

Not just tainted candy is a concern.

"Don't just let 'em dive in 'cause you never know what they're (eating). Something they may choke on or not be able to handle."

And, of course, mom and dad may have to eat the ones the kids can't.

For more holiday tips and fun -- including trick-or-treat times -- check out our Halloween guide on our website.

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