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What effect do negative campaigns have on eastern Iowa?


CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- With just days before the big election, the campaign ads are coming fast and furious.

What effect do negative campaigns have on eastern Iowa?

They are the ads that point fingers and do little to help voters pick the next president. In fact, we found we found a few folks wishing it was already November 4th.

"I'll be happy when it's over."

"It's been getting very tiresome."

"I'm kind of winding down, it's getting a little bit rough now and I just want it over."

"I hate the comercials that talk about the other one candidate all the time."

Commercials can leave a lasting impression, but many political experts say they are not the best way to get voters to the polls.

Donald Green is a political science professor from Yale. He talked with UNI students about the effectiveness of different campaign tactics.

Green says one on one interaction betwee voters and campaign staff gets the best results.

"These kind of personal out reach efforts can be very effective and in 2004 they were enourmously effective," Green said. "The real challenge of the campaigns is to put enough boots on the ground."

Campaigns will focus these tactics on the battle ground states where the volunteers will do the most good.

"What does seem to be effective is personal communication whether it be through volunteer phone banks or door to door canvising or meet and greet activities outside super markets," said Green.

Voters have their own suggestions to the politicians.

"Just stick to the issues."

"That their not focusing on the issues."

"I wish they would talk about themselves and what they are going to do. "

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