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New Iowa law for you smoke detector

Waterloo (KWWL) -- An older couple escaped a fire at their home in Cedar Falls Wednesday morning, in part because they heard the smoke detector going off. A new state law looks to help you do the same, changing how your home is protected from fires.

The new law requires all new homes, apartments and even dorms have "dual sensor" smoke detectors. Those detectors use both ionization sensors -- now used in most homes to detect flames -- and photoelectric sensors to detect slower, smoldering fires. The new law takes effect in April and only applies to new homes or when you replace your current smoke detector.

Speaking of smoke detectors -- you can get one for free right now from Scott's Electric in Waterloo. The company has some left over from their first give away last week. If you live in Black Hawk County, simply call Scott's Electric and they'll repair or replace and install a new smoke detector for free.

And a reminder as you turn you clocks back an hour saturday night for daylight savings -- remember to check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are working properly. It's also a good time to change out the battery.

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