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Confusion in Postville


POSTVILLE (KWWL) -- There is a lot of confusion in Postville as rumors circulate that the beef production line is shut down and live stock, specifically cattle and chicken, is being sent away from the plant. 

This afternoon we saw several trucks carrying cattle leaving agriprocessors headed west on 52.  The USDA has confirmed Agriprocessors has not slaughtered beef in the past two days.   Some agriprocessors employees sy they've been told beef production is off for the rest of the week.  

Others have said chicken will aso be sent away, though chicken truck drivers we talked to say they have been bringing loads in to be slaughtered.   One worker on the chicken line said he was laid off recently and doesn't know why.  

Some in Postville are concerned the plant might soon have major layoffs or even close.  However, these are just rumors.  Only the beef operation has been scaled back, according to the USDA.

Agriprocessors representatives did not immediately return our phone calls.

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