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by Jenn Jarvis

IOWA CITY (KWWL) -- Instead of a guardian angel, imagine a guardian ghost. According to one ghost story, a group of spirits protect the friendships in Currier Hall at the University of Iowa.

The most popular story involves three female students who all fell in love with the same guy. Broken-hearted, the three committed suicide in their shared dorm room.

Students say there's an empty room on the fourth floor of Currier Hall where strange things have happened. Student Miranda Ray lives on the third floor, but noticed something odd when walking past the vacant room.

"What is the binder doing here, I'm going to try to pull it out cause no one lives in there, why would there be a binder. So, I'm trying to pull the binder out and all of a sudden it got sucked back in. Whoosh. Made the noise and everything," Ray said.

Another third floor student tried to take a picture of the suspicious room and her phone froze on the image. Finally she took her battery out to reset the phone and when it turned back on the image was gone.

Ray and other female students say they've heard voices in the bathroom when there was no one else there. These stories send chills up some students spines, while others look at it as something to brag about.

"I laugh it off. I wish I lived in the haunted floor in the haunted room where the girls killed themselves. It would be kind of freaky I guess," Currier resident Rob Wronkiewicz said.

But the legend says the ghosts are there to help, not harm, by keeping friendships on the right path.

"They don't like roomates to fight. And luckily I don't fight with my roomate. So that's what I heard, that they keep peace and friendship," Ray said.

Currier Hall is the oldest dorm on campus. And with so much history, the trio of scorned lovers may not be alone. Other students report seeing the ghost of an older man who some believe to be a concerned parent.

Online Reporter: Jenn Jarvis
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