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Weather freezes Dubuque construction projects


By Lauren Squires

DUBUQUE (KWWL) - First, wet weather in the spring put road projects behind schedule across the area. Now cold weather and funding issues have put a halt to several road projects in Dubuque.

Crews planned to repave Locust Street between 9th and 17th streets by this fall. But because of this year's floods and the wall collapse in Dubuque -- city engineers are still in the planning stages. And now cold weather is freezing up other projects as well.

It's a gateway for Dubuque, but construction has traffic down to two lanes on this stretch of Dubuque's Central Avenue. "The original plan was to resurface the road, do some storm water, storm seer improvements as well as some water main improvements," said Civil Engineer Jon Dienst

Only two of the three will be complete by Halloween. The modified mix of asphalt engineers planned to use just doesn't cooperate in cold temperatures. "Unfortunately this time of year when it gets cold it's like working with glue. So it's very sticky, very hard to work with," added Dienst

Cold weather put this project on freeze in Dubuque. That is until next spring, and in the meantime the cones will be removed and traffic will resume as normal.

"Right now it's a little rough to ride on," said Dienst. Don't worry, the road is safe to drive on, and the new improvements will be worth the wait. "It'll be resurfaced blacktop all the way here to 52," he added.

Meanwhile officials are brainstorming ways to fix an intersection along Highway 20 near Peosta. It's one of the most dangerous roads in Dubuque County -- with 24 crashes in the last six years.

Drivers say traffic travels too fast to pull out in two lanes of traffic. "By the time you pull out it's already too late, they could fix it with a 45 mile and hours speed limit and possibly a light," said semi-truck driver Jeff Moen Dubuque driver, Matt Kennedy agrees, "There's always a lot of people cutting each other off and then going really slow. And then the people wiping over to the next lanes so quick so it's very dangerous."

The Department of Transportation has already installed flashing lights and lowered the speed limit to 45 mph. But there's a long term plan in the works for a diamond interchange with and on and off ramp at Swiss Valley Road.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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