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Counselors visit school attended by Sean Kehoe


by Brady Smith

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - According to Buchanan County officials, Sean Kehoe was in stable condition as of Tuesday evening. Grief counselors were on-site at Iowa City's Regina Elementary School, where Sean is a 1st grader, and where the Kehoes had talked about sending their younger son, Seth.

The principal at Regina, Celeste Vincent, says students and staff are keeping their spirits high, despite the tragedy surrounding the Kehoe family. "The mood has actually been proactive and positive," said Vincent. She told us students and teachers are missing Sean, and described him as "one of their flock." She says everyone is putting their best foot forward, and relying on fellowship and faith to get them through such a difficult time. "We know that together, no matter what's happening, we can get through anything."

Karin McKeone, a social worker with the Grant Wood Area Education Agency, is lending a hand. "We counsel students, we counsel staff, and we're available to support parents," said McKeone.

She gives parents information on how to talk to their kids about a situation like this, and how to spot behavior resulting from possible psychological trauma. Symptoms may include sleeplessness and an overall decline in mood, according to McKeone. Rumor control is also part of her job.

"A lot of rumors start happening, so we try to help parents and teachers and staff to remind them to stick to the facts."

Vincent says help will continue to be available to students for the long-term, and that Sean's classmates will keep him in their thoughts.

"They were going to say a prayer and then make some prayer cards for Sean, to let him know that his classmates were thinking about him."

A statement was read at the school to students Tuesday morning:

"Today we pray for the Kehoe family, as there has been a tragedy for them. We ask for prayers for the Kehoe family, especially Sean, who is in the hospital. We might be sad about this, so let's say a prayer together for the family."

Online Reporter: Brady Smith




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