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Donating Eggs


These tough economic times have led some woman to donate their eggs for cash.

Katie Lagrone has more.

While local charities may be hungry for donors, southwest Florida fertility banks are experiencing a new life of givers.

"I have been involved in reproduction medicine since 1990, and I have never seen this kind of an increase in the number of applications with eggs, sperm donors or surrogates," says Cathy Ruberto.

At Our Fairy Godmother in Naples, egg donors have quadrupled since September of last year and doubled since just last month.  Owner Cathy Ruberto points to America's money crisis for this re-birth.

"I have no other explanation to say why all of a sudden we would double the number of applicants in a matter of a month."

At southwest Florida's fertility clinic in Fort Myers, the number of donors has remained steady. But fertility specialist Dr. Jacob Glock is preparing.

"I would anticipate possibly getting more visits by egg donors," he says. 

Donors can receive anywhere from three-thousand, to 10-thousand for their eggs, but the process can take months to complete which means donating your eggs is a commitment that should go well beyond cash.

23-year-old Jessica Stubb made three-thousand-dollars after donating her eggs for the first time in January.

Money definitely crosses your mind during the process but it wasn't you know, an initial thought that this is something I can do for extra cash," she says.

Donors are screened extensively. Jessica went through months of tests, shots and psychological evaluations before she was chosen.

"It's definitely not as easy as what a guy does."

In the end, she says, it wasn't about the money, but the opportunity to give what so many can't get themselves.

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