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What about Shonn? Greene makes case for Heisman


Iowa City, Iowa --Shonn Greene's turned heads around Iowa as well as across the nation gaining mid-season All-American honors.  But when it comes to the race for the Heisman, Shonn Greene's name is almost non-existent on the lips of national commentators.

"He's a great player and the people that need to know that do," says quarterback Ricky Stanzi, "we know what kind of player he is as a team, especially as an offense."

"I'm not a Lee Corso I don't know how to analyze stuff like that or how they choose the Heisman," adds center Rob Bruggeman, "it's usually a pretty good player, and I'm sure this year it will be, too."

But why can't that player be Greene?  He's one of only 2 players to rush for a hundred yards in 8 games, he's the second leading scorer in the Big Ben, and his yardage total is 3rd best in the country.  However, the Hawkeyes aren't in a national title hunt meaning less national exposure, and while some of the Hawkeye players do admit that if Shonn Greene had Texas or USC emblazoned across his jersey, he might be getting a little more consideration.

However, their only concern is finishing the season strong as a team."

"I don't thing he's really thinking about it either," says left tackle Bryan Bulaga, "he's just trying to win games, and we're just trying to win games.  That stuff will come on its own."

While most say it doesn't really matter, head coach Kirk Ferentz says if he can make any difference in the voting he's definitely willing to help.  "Anybody wants to talk about Shonn Greene, I'll be happy to talk about him.  That's a great subject right now, so I'll be happy to talk about that."

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