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Tom Brokaw: One on One

KWWL (Waterloo) - Here at KWWl, we're not just covering the presidential race, we're on one of its stops.

On Sunday, NBC's "Meet the Press" aired live from our studio.

Tom Brokaw interviewed John McCain, then Tara Thomas interviewed Tom Brokaw.

Tara - "When you talk about race you mentioned earlier to Lester Holt that maybe when somebody's actually at that moment to cast the vote he or she might hesitate due to the fact that, you know, Obama happens to be black. Do you think or were you surprised with Iowans right out of the gate being such a lily white state that they were so behind Obama so early on in the process?"

Tom Brokaw - "Iowa's always been a progressive state. Sure demographically and ethnically it is mostly white, a little older but it's always been a state that's been able to take the measure of whoever comes before them and vote for them based on that. People forget that in 1980 George Bush beat Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a big folk hero here in Iowa because there were making a judgment about whether Reagan was taking them or granted or not."

Tara - Now how has the process in your estimation gotten better and worse over the years especially where the media is concerned when you look at the internet and the cable channels?

Tom Brokaw - "Well one of the ways I worry about it is that, and we saw that this year, is that I think it's fine to start in Iowa, the caucus process probably needs a little tweaking 'cause it's a very small body of people. But here's the problem then everybody seizes on Iowa and makes that the litmus test for the whole country. You'll remember Hillary Clinton won in New Hampshire. There were people saying to her, "Get out of the race. It's over," based on a fraction of the Iowa population having cast their ballots in the caucuses. That's wrong. It's not Iowa's fault but it is the fault, I think, of the political process and especially this kind of frenzied media that we have."


Watch the second part of our interview with Tom Brokaw during Live at Five Tuesday night.

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