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Waterloo School Board seeks input for new middle school name

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- The Board of Education of the Waterloo Community schools are seeking input for possible names for the new middle school which will open August 2008.

The new school, which will replace the current Logan Middle School, is located just southwest of the existing Logan building.

The Board believes that names given to facilities in the district should have special significance to the community, its traditions, and values. In addition, naming of buildings and other facilities gives  an opportunity to recognize the contributions of individuals or groups to education and the live of our communities or to recognize the signficicance of the neighborhood, area, or community in which the school resides.

One unique feature of the new middle school will be its emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), incorporating these high demand fields into instruction that is releavant to the real world.

The building will also provide a Community Educational Greenhouse, providing a working laboratory for botany and plant science classes as well as learning across the curriculum (i.e., Family Consumer Science, math, and reading), as horticulture is integrated into the middle school curriculum. The greenhouse will be a resource for the entire community beyond the school day. Names that recognize these exceptional communities will be offered by the school would be especially appropriate.

Standards for building names have been set by the Board:

  1. A facility may be named for a person or group who has made a significant contribution to the community, state, or nation.  In addition to societal contributions, the moral character of the individual must be considered.
  2. Recognizing that the ethnic and cultural composition of a local school community may change, while facility names are relatively permanent, the name should have broad acceptance in a multicultural society.
  3. The traditions of the facility and its intended use should be taken into account.
  4.  Facilities may not be named for a living person, although they may be named for a group of people such as a family or organization. 
  5. Facilities may not be named for a business.
  6. A facility may be named in recognition of the neighborhood, area, or community.
  7. When naming subunits of a facility, such as rooms, similar considerations apply, keeping in mind the relative significance of the subunit to the entire facility.

Name suggestions may be proposed by anyone, including the public, students, and staff. The Site Council will narrow the field to include three final name suggestions and make a recommendation to the Superintendent. The order of the finalists will not be specified, except that the Site council may state its preference.

The Superintendent will then make a recommendation to the Board of Education for its review and approval. The Board will review the Superintendent's recommendation and select a name for the school.

In additional to proposals for a new name, the Logan Site council is also seeking suggestions for colors and a school mascot.

Proposed names, colors and mascots, with the rationale and any other documentation supporting the suggestions, should be submitted in writing to the Logan Site Council, Logan Middle School, 1515 Logan Avenue, Waterloo, 50703, by 3:00 p.m. on Monday, December 1, 2008.  A form is available on the District's website, www.waterloo.k12.ia.us for this process.  Although use of this form is not required, it will provide guidance for the process.  Copies are available at Logan and at the Education Service Center, 1516 Washington St, Waterloo. 

Online Producer: Nick Jellings

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