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Missing mother made news in 2007

IOWA CITY (KWWL) -- In 2007, KWWL talked with a man who rescued Michelle Kehoe and her two sons. 

It happened in December.  Here is the story we ran in 2007:

Four men risk their lives in a daring river rescue to save a woman and her two young sons. It happened Friday afternoon in Iowa City. It took a lot of quick thinking, not only from rescuers, but from the people trapped inside.

One of the four men who jumped in to save the Kehoe family was Steve McGuire. He was out for a bike ride in the area. That's when he saw the car submerging under water. In the car was Michelle Kehoe and her one and six year old sons. "I jumped in with my bike helmet. I just didn't know how much time I had to get her and I also knew that both of us had to get out of the water immediately," says McGuire.

Other bystanders had already rescued Kehoe's two boys. "Michelle had the foresight and the instinct to move her children forward, hand them out the window to three other men," adds McGuire.

Some quick thinking from Kehoe' six year old, Sean, may have helped save their lives. He remembered seeing something a TV show about how to get out of a submerged car. "At six years old, he reminded his mom that the windows needed to be rolled down if they were going to get out," says McGuire. "Everybody made, incredibly enough, the best and right decisions, beginning with her son Sean."

McGuire says he hopes anyone else from Iowa City would have done exactly what the four rescuers did. "I was one amongst four people and I would like to think that I was one among another 50,000 people who under the same circumstances would do exactly the same thing."

Michelle Kehoe and both of her sons are doing okay. The car is at the bottom of the Iowa River.

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