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McCain rally in Cedar Falls

by Lauren Squires

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- With just nine days left until Election Day.  Both campaigns are making last minute stops on the campaign trail trying to sway undecided voters.  John McCain appeared on Meet the Press here in the KWWL studios this morning, before traveling to the West Wym on the University of Northern Iowa Campus in Cedar Falls for a rally.

His visit happened to fall 41 years to the day that he was captured as a POW. McCain said much like he stood up for his country, today he encouraged everyone to stand-up for what's right. Hundreds of people packed into UNI's West Gym in Cedar Falls. Senator John McCain making a last minute visit to Iowa just nine days before the election.

"I'm going to go get a little straight with you.  WE need to win Iowa on November 4th and with your help we can," said McCain.  Energizing a crowd full of supporters, McCain promised lowering taxes, creating more jobs and creating wealth through opportunity. "I'm not afraid to fight. I'm ready for it," he added.

Supporters say this visit was meaningful. "He really inspired you and I think he covered all the points that we need to be concerned about in our next president," said Carol Ekerman. Moza Fay agreed saying, "Just to see that he comes to a place like this, nine days before the election.  I thought that really says how he values people in small town America."

McCain attacked Obama about rumors the democrat has already written an acceptance speech.  Saying you can't celebrate the victory until you finish the race.  He talked about off shore drilling, alternative energy and turning around the economy.  "The Democrats answer to all this is to lower defense and raise taxes.  I want to strengthen our defense and lower our taxes.  I promise you that much," said McCain.  

And with McCain trailing in the polls Sunday's rally hoped to inspire.  "I'm glad to know that he wants to create opportunity an I really think he will," said Jan Reimer. "We really need there votes we need John McCain.  He's my man," added Marcidas Simon

And speaking of McCain being someone's man if you watched McCain's speech today, you may have noticed a Sarah Palin look-a-like.  Don't be fooled Sarah Pain was in Florida campaigning today.  This woman's name is Eva Andersen. She drove from Center point to see McCain speak.  She says it was no coincidence that she stood behind McCain during his speech.  "I'm very excited about the upcoming election and what a better way to get involved then to dress up like the vice presidential candidate, especially since she wasn't able to make it today."  The look-a-like says she hopes dressing like Palin brings attention to the campaign.    

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires
Online Producer: Mike Verlo

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