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Save money in winter: insulate


Iowa City (KWWL) -- With the economy, everyone is looking to save anywhere they can. And with today's colder weather hinting at winter -- it's a reminder you can save on your heating bill. One way is insulation.

Paul wurger's home is ready for winter, after being nearly destroyed by flooding. He's got new cabinets, doors and drywall and underneath that drywall, is protection from the harsh elements.

"Fiberglass blown in the attic, and then we put fiberglass in the walls," said Gary Thompson, a home improvement specialist.

Rolled fiberglass is common in many homes. But Thompson says there are other options for sealing your home before winter.

Jeff Bergo, owner of Bergo Insulation, says blown-in cellulose insulation, like the kind in this attic, can also be put into walls. It's a little more expensive, but provides better protection from the cold.

"Where the blow-in has an advantage, is when you're dealing with a bigger structure," said Bergo.

And for even more money there's another step up.

"Poly-icing insulation is another great product, and that's a spray-on insulation that hardens," said Bergo.

Bergo says insulating the walls of a home this size would cost anwhere from $600 to $2,500, depending on the product you use. But he says filling up attics and floors are also important for saving on heating costs.

"If the floor doesn't have any insulation, the heat doesn't have anywhere to go but down," said Bergo.

As with any home project, he says proper respiration is vital, especially if you're removing old insulation.

"The old insulation does have formeldahyde in it, which can be very harmful," said Bergo. "Some of the homes also have a blown vermiculite, which is very toxic."

And for flood victims, there's help before winter. MidAmerican Energy and Alliant Energy offer rebates to flood victims of up to $1,200 to insulate homes.

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