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Iowa City Police, University of Iowa encourage reporting of assaults


by Brady Smith

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - Iowa City Police Sergeant Troy Kelsay says it's common to see a spike in simple and aggravated assaults involving college-age males this time of year. But he says it's frustrating when so many of them are "cheered on" by onlookers, or go unreported.

Kelsay says at least nine assaults involving college males have happened in the past month, some requiring serious medical assistance.

"They often are associated timeframe-wise with bar closings, and they're often in the downtown area," says Kelsay. "Don't just stand around and cheer the combatants on. If you can safely separate them, do that."

He says a foot patrol is usually never farther than a few minutes away.

Director of University Relations Steve Parrott told us it's time to change the perception that fighting is an acceptable occurance on nights when college students go out to drink.

"A lot of these results are alcohol-related, and there's just no two ways around that. And so this is one of those issues that the city council has started talking about again, the university's trying to take a fresh look at this."

Kelsay says one possibility is to place security cameras near fight-prone spots in downtown.

"That would allow investigators to go back and look at the video and see what exactly happened."

The university wants to remind people that anyone providing information leading to the arrest of an assault suspect can be awarded up to $1,000.

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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