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Grant Price: Remembered

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Eastern Iowans are sharing their memories about Grant Price.

Here's what some people had to say:

"We were like Grant's sons and daughters. He was tough and he was fair. You always knew he cared about journalism, and you always knew he cared about you."   Bill Grimes   KWWL 1979-83  Oak Park, Illinois

"Grant was my last boss when I worked in the news business some 30 years ago and I still think of him and his penchant for fairness and accuracy today.  He demanded the best and usually got it.  One stony look from Grant could telegraph his complete opinion of an article or spot news item and the way it was handled and the reporter who turned it in.  He was the greatest."   Eric Davis  

"Among the greatest journalists I have ever known - and a good friend." Chriss Scholl  Washington, DC

"Grant was a truly remarkable man, whose influence will continue to be felt far beyond the Iowa broadcasting industry. We are all better people for having known Grant Price." Ron Steele  Waterloo, Iowa

"I was fortunate enough to know Grant for 15 years. I first met him when I began my career in broadcast journalism. He was always there to support and encourage me. He and I would trade e-mails from time to time; I would tell him my problems and he would offer solutions with insight that comes from having worked in the news business for decades. Later, when I would become a frequent lecturer at Wartburg College, I would have opportunities to sit down with Grant and discuss news ethics and decision making and what REALLY makes a good newscast. Grant would later play a role in hiring me as a video producer for the Archives Of Iowa Broadcasting. I shared an office with Grant and would spend many days listening to his war stories. They were something else. I gained a Masters Degree through osmosis by just spending time with Grant. He has now earned a lifetime's worth of rest with God. He will be sorely missed. For all of us whom Grant taught, in class or otherwise, it's our responsibility to continue carrying the torch." Brian Allen KSFY Television Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"When a person such a Grant leaves our presence, he creates huge empty space both inside us and around us. When he was with us, the day was filled with learning. I am grateful for the years I worked for Grant, and because of him I tried to model my style of news management after a person who did it right. Peace."  John Hoffland, News Director, WEAU-TV, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

"Growing up in eastern Iowa, I was well aware of Grant Price's reputation as a journalist. But it was only through working daily with him at Wartburg these past ten years that I truly got to appreciate what a fine gentleman he was in every sense of the word. He was one of the most gracious and generous persons I've ever worked with, and I will miss his daily visits to my office more than I can imagine. Whether in the newsroom or the classroom, Grant taught so much, to so many."  Jeff Stein    IBNA Executive Secretary   R.J. McElroy Chair, Wartburg College  Waverly, Iowa

"My wife and I have fond memories of Grant. It was fascinating just to sit and talk with him about his life. I have the book "Making Waves" by Jeff Stein of which Grant had pain stakenly help to create. It is a wonderful slice of Iowa history and was a project he was very proud of. Although he was not a native to Iowa, he considered it his home and loved living here. I worked with Grant on a couple of committees at First Presb. Church in years past and was humbled by his presence and dedication to his work at the church. When our church celebrated it's 150th a few years back he produced with the help of people at Wartburg College, a DVD of our heritage. It is one of my favorite possessions that I will cherish forever. He was a very spiritual person who loved life as much as he loved his wife Faye and his children. It has been an honor and privilege to have known him."  Jim Reisinger   Winter Haven, Florida

"I will always remember Grant Price as the kind of human being we should all be like. He never had a bad word to say about anyone and no one ever had a bad word to say about him. I hope he is enjoying all the New Orleans Jazz he loves so much up in heaven."   Jacqui Winkel  Waterloo, Iowa

"I remember listening to his newscasts on WMT radio in the 1950's. Mr. Price was the standard against whom I judged all others in broadcast journalism, including Cronkite, Collingwood and Thomas. They were superb, and Mr. Price was, too." Allan Oline  Independence, Iowa

"Grant Price is the single biggest influence on my career. I'm sure there are hundreds more students at Wartburg and journalists who passed through KWWL who can say the same thing. Words can't express how thoughtful, caring and passionate Grant was about journalism, ethics and our lives. We are better people because Grant Price was an influence in our lives." Eric Hanson  KCCI-TV Reporter, Des Moines, Iowa & Grant's student at Wartburg

"Grant, along with Tom Peterson gave me my first TV job.  He wrote me the most thoughtful, kind letter when I left. I will always be grateful for his dedication and generosity...and for hiring some of the most fun people ever assembled in broadcasting."  Linda Laird Eytcheson  Sacramento, California

"I have the privilege of working beside Grant as one of the managers at KWWL and later at Wartburg College. To many of us that know Grant, he is and will forever be a mentor that shaped our lives by demonstrating a work ethic with high expectations and fairness in the way we relate with others. Grant is not only remembered, but will live on in the lives of those he touched."  Jim Ohmstede   Waterloo, Iowa

"He was a great journalist in a time when a story was investigated to find the truth!" Gary Rosenkrans   Waterloo, Iowa

"I have done many tv interviews with Grant and he always made me feel completely at ease. The Cedar Valley community is a better place because he was here and we will all miss him. Sympathy to his family."  Rosie Peterson   Waterloo, Iowa

"This one man gave me my total education in the news business, the ethics, and his compassion for those around him was astounding. He was as influential to me as my own father."  Jym Ganahl   KWWL Weatherman   1966-1979

"Grant always spoke to us when he would come in to buy a paper or anything. When his wife passed away a few years ago he would jog down and back up Main street here in McGregor regardless of the weather. We also will miss him." John and Barb Yates   McGregor, Iowa

"I grew up watching Grant Price on WMT and later on KWWL. I always had only the utmost respect for his journalism, and I had the opportunity to meet him once even though it was brief, it left a lasting impression of great respect for him and his integrity. He will be greatly missed."  Glen Meskimen, Independence, Iowa

"Wonderful, caring, strong character. I always wondered who could ever fill his shoes, then along came Mr. Ron Steele. It's time to celebrate our heroes of our existence now rather than when they have passed away."  Richard Rasmussen  Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"We lost a true and fair broadcaster. He was more that a boss to me, but a dear friend who took the time to be interested in your family, and your future, I will miss him dearly." John Dodge   Waterloo, Iowa

"I met Grant when my restaurant did a garden party for him. And I have to tell you he was the absolute nicest man. He was funny, direct with such humor. I was sad to hear of his passing. Even though I only met him once, he left such a positive influence on me."  Staci Cirksena  Waterloo, Iowa

"I became aware of Grant Price and KWWL-TV's reputation for excellence while I was in college and I knew I wanted to work for him. Integrity is the first word that comes to mind when I think about Grant. I was so glad that all he ever asked of us was to tell the complete story, accurately. No hype, no happy talk. Just the news, the whole news and nothing but the news. There could be no more fitting tribute to this gentle man who "graduated from the school of hard knocks" than the fact that hundreds if not thousands of young journalists were better having learned their lessons in his newsroom, and later, his classroom. I called him out of the blue a few years ago and asked how he was doing. I was shocked to hear him say "some days you just have to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward." I knew at that moment, that he had lost his beloved wife, Fay, and I'm sure he is now back in her loving embrace. Our loss is heaven's gain. We will miss you Grant." Brian Franz, Cedar Rapids, IA

"I am so fortunate to be one of many who had Grant as a professor at Wartburg College.  I had the opportunity to learn the basics of the industry directly from an Iowa broadcast legend -- the best of the best! He always preached truth and fairness...and I often think of him as I make
decisions in the KWWL newsroom today (truly the place that Grant built). We'll all miss that friendly smile and firm handshake from such a dear friend who touched so many people's lives."  Jason Mortvedt , KWWL Assignment Manager

"I worked for Grant for almost a decade and was scared to death of him. But in our case, a little fear was a good thing.   Grant was the first news director who believed in me.   I won two Emmys last Saturday night right after hearing the news about Grant's death, and as I'm sure he heard... "These are for you Grant Price!"  Pam Hildebrand Grimes   WGN-TV   Chicago

"I had the privilege of growing up knowing the people at KWWL-TV since my Mom worked at the Station. I have very fond memories of Grant, and quite a few of you who have shared your comments below. He touched all of our lives in many ways. Our deepest sympathies." - Lu, Roy & Missy Reeves   Nevada, Iowa

"Simply stated, Grant Price is the biggest influence in my career. Having him as a professor at Wartburg is the biggest reason why I have the career I have. If you couldn't learn from Grant, you weren't trying. Not only was he a great professor and teacher, but he was also a great friend. Seeing him yearly at the Iowa Broadcast News Association convention it always amazed me how he knew what all of his students were doing and how well they were faring in their careers. I also looked forward to those conventions just to see and talk with Grant. He will be missed, but I know his spirit and his words of wisdom will always be with us broadcasters. Thanks Grant!"  Mike Peasley,   ESPN Radio   Dallas, Texas

"Back in the early 1970's, I was a reporter at KWWL. In fact I was the first full time female and first African-American female to work at the station. Tom Peterson was my news director, who was great, and I remember Grant Price coming on board around the same time. Grant was a "teacher" and I learned a lot, considering that it was my first television experience. Grant not only taught me television news, but he was fair. The civil rights/women's movement was still fresh in our minds and that did not escape Grant. He was all about equality.  I moved with my family from Waterloo and KWWL in 1974, to WQAD in Moline, the Quad Cities...just about the time Ron Steele left the Quad Cities and moved to Waterloo and KWWL.  I've been in Chicago since the mid 1980's...but have never discounted the value of what I learned while working with Grant Price. He was a special person. "  Barbara Norman Director of Cook County Cable Television   Chicago, Illinois

"There is a very poignant postscript to Grant's passing. On Friday night, Grant's grandson, Matt Barnd, quarterback for the Marion High School football team, became the Marion Indians' all-time leader in passing yardage and tied the school record for touchdown passes. He achieved these milestones, and led his team to a 34-21 victory over Benton Community, just two days after serving as a pallbearer at Grant's funeral. After his record tying touchdown pass, Matt could be seen pointing to heaven, presumably in tribute to his grandpa. As a proud parent of two students in the Marion Independent School District myself, I can tell you Matt is as admired by the kids in the Marion schools as Grant was by those in his profession. And, to top it all off, Matt writes for the school paper, following in Grant's footsteps. All of us who knew and admired Grant feel a deep sense of loss - - and those of us who also know his grandson take profound joy in knowing that Grant Price's character certainly lives on in his family. My deepest condolences to Grant's family and my great appreciation for the positive role model Matt is. He is, like his grandfather, a great gift to everyone who knows him.  Go Indians!"  Pat Kinney  News Editor  Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier

"Grant offered me my first real job 35 years ago as a part-time radio reporter at KWWL. I turned him down, but it was so I could go to ISU and study with Jack Shelley, another great Iowa broadcast journalist. I started teaching at Wartburg two years ago and Grant walked by my office (his former office) almost every night on his way out. I treasure the many chats we had about the news of the day, and more importantly, how the news media had covered the news."  Cliff Brockman, Wartburg College

"Watching Grant was part of growing up in my life. He gave his point of view in a honest and fair without political slant."  Kenny Bunz


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