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Crunch time for presidential campaigns


Waterloo (KWWL) - Just 20 days from the election, and presidential campaigns are working overtime to make sure their candidates message gets to the masses, but one presidential hopeful may have an Iowa advantage.

Today the 50th Obama campaign office opened it's doors on East 4th Street in Waterloo. The McCain campaign, however, only has 16 offices in the state.

The Obama campaign has offices across the state, but officials with the McCain campaign say, while they only have sixteen, they have them strategically placed in the crucial parts of the state, putting them in Black Hawk, Linn, Johnson, and Dubuque counties.

It's crunch time for campaign offices across Iowa, for both Democrats and Republicans.

The owner of the Talk Shop Cafe, David Goodson wanted his business to contribute to the Democrats cause.

"We absolutely need change. It's absolutely essential and Barrack Obama is the candidate who will bring the kind of change we're looking for so I wanted to do anything and everything I could do to contribute to Barack Obama's campaign," said Goodson.

Republicans in eastern Iowa also gearing up for election day. The McCain campaign office in Waterloo shares a building with the Black Hawk County Republicans.

"I think it's important we need an identity, we need people to know where they can call and when they can stop by to pick up literature and carry on republican business," said Chair of Black Hawk County Republicans Don Wood.

While Obama's offices out number McCain's three to one, each party will stay on message.

"I think conservatives in general are really concerned about the constitution and how it's changed and how it isn't changed and how it's preserved. Conservatives tend to want smaller government, less intrusive government and lower taxes," said Wood.

"What it means to me is that I'm apart of history and history being made and I have an opportunity to make a contribution," said Goodson.

Cost also plays apart in the number of offices a campaign can staff. In August Obama out spent McCain 53 million to 41 million.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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