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Jumpstart funding small, but helpful


Iowa City (KWWL) -- Money to Jump start Iowa's disaster recovery is on the way. The deadline came Tuesday for people in Iowa City to apply for a piece of the $40-million Jumpstart Iowa program. The money is a drop in the bucket for relief efforts but will make a big difference for families still trying to recover.

Patricia Knight was one of the last Iowa City residents to fill out her Jumpstart funding application before Tuesday's 6:00 pm deadline.

"I left with a good feeling that I'll be getting some help here soon," said Knight.

Knight lives near City Park. She and her two sons now live upstairs after the 6 feet of water filled their basement in June.

"Everything that was down there we had to tear it all out and put the drywall back up," said Knight. "That's where we're at right now."

Knight is one of over 100 Iowa City applicants taking advantage of the Jumpstart Iowa Program. It's intended to give some immediate help with recovery costs until more federal funding comes through.

"I think it's going to help people," said Jeff Vanatter with the Iowa City Flood Recovery Center. "People have been overwhelmingly grateful for it."

Now, Vanatter and his colleagues will pour over the applications. They'll look at things like family size, disability and insurance coverage to determine who gets some of the more than $686,000 available in Iowa City.

"We'll go through a ranking kind of scenario where we'll rank all the applications and hopefully announce decisions sometime Monday, Tuesday," said Vanatter.

If Knight does indeed receive jumpstart funding she hopes to use the money for new siding on her house as well as flooring in the basement and new storm windows.

"It'll make a difference whether or not we can move back, my kids can get their own bedrooms again and I can get my own bedroom because I'm sleeping on the couch and one of my kids is using my room because it's upstairs," said Knight.

She's hopeful this program will be just the jumpstart her family needs.

The deadline to apply for Jumpstart disaster funding is Wednesday in Cedar Falls and this coming Monday in Waterloo. Cedar rapids does not have a deadline but asks you call 2-1-1 for information. For all other areas -- you have until October 31-st. That's the same deadline to apply for assistance with FEMA -- which you must do to get jumpstart funding.

You can get an application at city or county offices or you can click here to get and fill out an application online.

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