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Child's rare death from blood clot leaves void


The death of an eight year old Waterloo girl shocked her family, now they're making sure other parents don't go through what they did.

Deep Vein Thrombosis is a condition in which a blood clot forms, usually in a leg vein. It becomes deadly when the clot breaks apart and travels to the lungs. It's common when people sit for long periods of time, and is very rare in children.

According to doctors only about one in 100,000 children develop blood clots and of those only a small fraction of them die from the condition, but just last week a family from Waterloo found out how devastating this condition can be.

"My baby was always happy, always full of life," said Shantori Williams.

Eight year old Zhareisha Williams was the picture of health only suffering a leg injury when she was five, but it was that injury that may have cost her, her life.

"She past away early Thursday morning last week. It started Wednesday, she had been out of school, we though she had sprained her ankle cause her ankle was swollen."

A blood clot had formed in Zhareisha's leg and it began to move through her veins.

"Having a blood clot is a serious condition, when it becomes life threatening is when that clot breaks free and travels to a vital part of the body," said Doctor Cameron Hodges.

"They said she started bleeding out and so all the blood was gathering in her stomach that explains why she didn't have any appetite," said Shontori Williams.

The loss of Zhareisha will always be with her parents, but they understand and say it's God's will.

"Just appreciate every moment that you have with your child because... If you can do something in a day try to do because you never know if you have a tomorrow," said Zhareisha's father Jakeis Williams. 

Adults are more likely to develop blood clots from certain disorders such as high blood pressure and being overweight. There are measures you can take to prevent the clots from happening such as watching your weight and taking a daily aspirin to help control your blood pressure.

If you would like to contribute to a memorial fund set up for Zhareisha Williams you can do so at any Veridian Credit Union. The money raised will help pay for funeral expenses.

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