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City of Cedar Rapids sets demolition start date

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) -- The week of October 27th will mark the start of demolition of flood-damaged houses in Cedar Rapids.

The City of Cedar Rapids will begin demolishing flood-damaged houses that sustained extensive structural damage in the June flooding disaster during the week of October 27, 2008. These are houses that have been determined to pose a threat to public health, safety, or welfare.

The City hired the DW Zinser Company of Walford, Iowa to demolish, remove and dispose of all 71 approved structures.

All demolition debris will be treated as if it contains asbestos.

The contractor will begin disconnecting utilities to these structures Wednesday. Depending on weather conditions, demolition is expected to begin Monday, October 27, at 8:00 a.m. on the 1200 block of 4th street Southeast.

The City will cover the costs of demolishing the following 71 flood-damaged homes:

30 22nd Ave SW
1108 K St SW
76 15th Ave SW
1110 E Ave NW
84 21st Ave SW
1123 10th St NW
90 21st Ave SW
1131 11th St NW
93 18th Ave SW
1213 4th St NW
211 13th Ave SE
1213 N St SW
217 4th Ave SW
1217 4th St NW
217 5th Ave SW
1221 3rd St SE
309 L Ave NW
1223 4th St NW
309 F Ave NW
1229 4th St SE
310 G Ave NW
1231 4th St SE
317 I Ave NW
1232 3rd St NW
321 I Ave NW
1233 3rd St NW
322 G Ave NW
1308 3rd St NW
322 14th Ave SE
1308 2nd St SE
408 K Ave NW
1312 3rd St NW
410 J Ave NW
1312 2nd St SE
414 O Ave NW
1314 1st St SW
418 I Ave NW
1330 5th St NW
429 A Ave NW
1425 J St SW
435 8th Ave SW
1426 3rd St NW
700 6th St SW
1431 5th St NW
815 G Ave NW
1443 2nd St SE
818 O Ave NW
1457 2nd St SE
823 7th St SW
1509 J St SW
824 F Ave NW
1518 8th St NW
831 G Ave NW
1604 8th St NW
900 6th St SW
1621 10th St SE
908 4th St NW
1722 8th St NW
911 17th Ave SE
1807 1st St SW
923 17th Ave SE
1832 Hamilton St SW
937 Hull Ave SE
1920 Hamilton St SW
1013 3rd St SE
2024 A St SW
1019 3rd St SE
2336 Blakely Blvd SE
1021 8th St NW
3031 Ellis Rd NW
3325 Ellis Rd NW

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