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Armed robbery points to rising crime in Iowa City neighborhood

Iowa City (KWWL) -- Lynette Hanrahan just moved into her Iowa City home in August. Barely two months later, she wants to leave.

"We're moving back to Tiffin as quickly as possible," Hanrahan says.  "We're looking."

Hanrahan says her 10-year old son doesn't feel safe here. He's had his bike stolen three times.

"He just said that he gets scared when it gets dark," says Hanrahan.

The Hanrahan's live just a block from Sunday's armed robbery of two Goodwill store workers.

Police say Sunday's robbery isn't the first example of violent crime here recently. Both residents and police are growing more concerned about the safety of this southeast Iowa City neighborhood.

"I think the concern is warranted," says Sgt. Troy Kelsay of the Iowa City police department.  "I believe that there has been an increase recently in robberies and particularly armed robberies in that area of town, the southeast area of town."

"People know what's going on," says resident Alyssa Rodriguez.  "But they're not concerned enough about it because it keeps happening."

Rodriguez grew up in the neighborhood and says the area's changed. She's also had her bike stolen three times recently.

"I do sometimes feel myself walking faster at night just trying to get home," Rodriguez says.  "Just cause you're not sure what will happen."

Sunday's robbery now has police focused on this part of town.

"Now we're going to have to start locking our doors for sure and just being really careful," Rodriguez says.

As for Lynette Hanrahan, it's hard to accept the change she's seen in her hometown.

"It's sad," Hanrahan says.  "It's sad. It was safe. I never worried about anything when I grew up."

Online Reporter: Bryan Goettel

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