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Locks of Love a cut above the rest in Dubuque

DUBUQUE (KWWL) - October is Breast Cancer awareness month and that means hundreds of organizations around eastern Iowa raising awareness.  Wednesday night Finley Hospital in Dubuque hosted it's 5th Annual Locks of Love.  And this year's event was a cut above the rest.                                                                                                                    

Chairs, clippers, capes and combs fill the Finley Cancer Center.  It's the fifth annual locks of love.  "I've been wanting to do it for a really long time so I just saw this flyer and decided I was gonna do it," said Kelsey McElroy, a hair donator.

Free hair cuts for anyone with ten or more inches to spare. It seems simple, but some people are nervous.  "At first I was kinda scared but then I kinda got into it," said Jenna Behnke, a hair donor. Sadie Oglesby agreed saying, "I wasn't quite sure about it at first."

But close your eyes and count to three...and before you know it this hair is gone and headed somewhere special. "All this hair that's donated for locks of love will be turned in and made into wigs for people that have cancer," said Finley Community Relations Coordinator, Lisa Meyer.

And believe it or not, everyone cut has a story.  "I've seen kids with cancer and it was a good motivation I guess to do it," said McElroy who is involved in Dance Marathon at Loras College. Jenna Behnke agreed, "I would like to help the kids who don't have hair."  And for Oglesby it hits much closer to home. "My grandma has breast cancer. So I decided to donate it," she said.

"At this year's Locks of Love in Dubuque they had over 75 hair cuts, plus the 40 already donated before tonight's event.  That's over 100 haircuts, which is double last years."  Double the cuts, double the smiles.  And a double the effect.  In each and every cut, lays a hero and a new hair do.

Online reporter: Lauren Squires


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