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Breast Cancer survivor credits early detection


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Part of the new Buddy Check 7 is to encourage self exams. But it's also important to get those yearly mammograms. Cancer can be detected during a mammogram before you can actually feel a lump.

Karla Hala came in for her regular mammogram when doctors noticed a tumor.  Doctors say the early detection helped her avoid chemotherapy.  She underwent surgery to remove the tumor and is now on her way to being cancer free.  Hala says putting off her yearly mammogram could have changed her diagnosis.

"The physicians at this point haven't told me I'm cured, I actually feel ike that is a very high potential for me, that I can be cured from this, and it all goes back to the early screening, you know, the monthly breast exams," Hala said.

She also says advances in cancer technology means there's hope for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

"It changes your life forever, but it's not a death sentence I guess. And that's kind of how I look at it now," Hala said.

Most women start getting mammograms around the age of 40, but if you are at an increased risk for breast cancer, you may want to talk to your doctor sooner.

New technology like digital mammography lets doctors see potential problems in younger breast tissue. It's currently available at Allen Hospital and will soon be available at Covenant Hospital as well.

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Online Reporter:  Jenn Jarvis

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