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Cedar Rapids students cast ballots in mock election

by Seth Bohnker

Cedar Rapids (KWWL)- Eighth grade students in the Cedar Rapids Community School District will get the opportunity to see the type of voting machines that are used in Linn County and will participate in a mock voting exercise using ballots developed by Linn County Auditor, Joel Miller. The activity is part of the new eighth grade social studies curriculum.

"The new curriculum focuses on US civics and economics," explained Janette Schroeder, Harding teacher. "One of the main objectives is for students to be able to explain how citizens impact the government. Students will also need to be able to give examples of citizens' rights and responsibilities. One of the most important rights and responsibilities citizens in the U.S. have is voting in elections."

"Hopefully, this hands-on experience will be a memorable experience that will encourage students to become active voters in the future," added Schroeder.

Update: Obama won 58% of the student vote

Online Reporter: Seth Bohnker



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