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Prosecution rests in Damm trial

David Damm David Damm

GALENA, Ill.  (KWWL) -- Prosecutors rested their case Monday morning in the murder trial of David Damm in the death of Donnisha Hill.

KWWL's coverage partner, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, has reporter Jeff Reinitz in the courtroom covering the trial.

The defense then asked the judge to dismiss the three charges against Damm --- first-degree murder; conspiracy; and aggravated kidnapping --- saying the state had not met its burden of proof .

Judge William Kelly declined to dismiss the charges.

Damm is charged with murder, conspiracy and kidnapping in the Oct. 27, 2006, death of 13-year-old Donnisha Hill.

Authorities allege Damm hired Bruce Edward Burt, 59, carry out the slaying to hamper a sexual abuse probe. Burt allegedly drove Hill to Illinois, where her body was found.

In arguing for dismissal, regarding the kidnapping charge, the defense said there was no evidence Hill was "secretly confined" as defined by law.

Prosecutors countered that the alleged hitman, Bruce Burt, testified that he didn't drive through the city of Waterloo after picking up Hill north of the city because he didn't want anyone to see Hill in the car with him.

The defense began its presentation and started bringing witnesses to the stand, including two Waterloo police officers who talked with Bruce Burt and the owner of the car he used to drive Hill to Illiinois.

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