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by Jenn Jarvis

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20,000 children are hospitalized with influenza each year. And doctors say much of that could be prevented through vaccinations.

Last year the CDC sat down with a group of moms who blog and asked them to help spread the word about flu vaccinations. Since then, the amount of resources has expanded to include elements of viral marketing campaign.

About a week ago, the CDC launched a six-minute YouTube video featuring the personal stories of families affected by influenza. With about 7,000 views to date, the video aims to show how serious the virus is.

The CDC also offers e-cards as a way to spread awareness. You can send them to friends as a reminder to get vaccinated.

You can also use a widget to track flu outbreaks on your desk top. Or you can sign up to receive e-mails or text messages when the flu activity map is updated.

And if you have a web site you can get a button, or if you have a MySpace page you can add a badge that directs people to flu information on the CDC site.

Online Reporter: Jenn Jarvis

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