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Improved security images paying dividends


by Bryan Goettel

NORTH LIBERTY (KWWL) -- It's business as usual at MidwestOne Bank in North Liberty a day after a man walked in and demanded money.

"It just goes to show the small town's gettin big," says North Liberty resident Mike Seering.

This small town got a good look at the suspect. While some surveillance videos and photos can be tough to see, the images taken at the time of the robbery are as clear as it gets.

"I've never seen one that clear," says Seering.  "Usually the video tapes get used over and over again and they're fuzzier and fuzzier."

"We've converted all our video systems to digital recording with high resolution lenses and cameras," says the bank's security officer, Dan Black.

For obvious security reasons, Black did not want KWWL's cameras inside the bank, but he says the improved technology of their cameras on the inside has been critical in catching criminals.

"We've been involved with probably ten bank robberies and we've solved nine of them basically with photographs," says Black.

Kathleen Overman was working at the Cost Cutters next door when the robbery took place.

"I think it's great that their security system is that good that they can find someone quickly if their picture is that clear," says Overman.

So are police, who had the suspect in custody just 24 hours later.

"Law enforcement was very complimentary," Black says.  "They really liked the pictures."

And Black says technology will only continue to get better.

Online Reporter: Bryan Goettel

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