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Dinosaur exhibit helps kids travel back in time

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL, Press Release)-- Kids can travel back 65 million years ago to the dinosaur days.

A new innovative traveling exhibit opens up Wednesday at Lindale Mall as part of The Science Station.

The Science Station building remains closed from the June flood.

The exhibit "Be the Dinosaur-- Life in the Cretaceous" is open through December 31.

"Dino Talks,''  programs by local dinosaur experts featured:

Sunday, Oct. 12, "Track'em Down and Dig 'em Up".

Find out how we learn about dinosaurs by taking an exciting vicarious expedition with Dr. Philip Currie and Bill Desmarais. The expedition will discover the fossil bone remains of Albertosaurus at the famous Barnum Brown site in the Red Deer River badlands of Alberta and the Grand Cache dinosaur tracksite. The presentation will include slides, fossils and casts, as well as interactive learning lessons to see how CSI type techniques can help us understand dinosaurs.

Sunday, Oct. 19, "From the Jurassic to the Cretaceous"

See how dinosaur remains are discovered, collected, and prepared by learning about two dinosaur graveyards. The presentation will include a demonstration of dinosaur bone casting and preparation techniques used to clean and make dinosaur bones ready for observation and study.

Sunday, November 2: "Sharp Teeth and Claws in the Age of Dinosaurs"

What were the first dinosaurs like? When and where did other carnivorous dinosaurs live? What caused some meat-eating dinosaurs to become some of the largest predators to walk the earth, while others remained as small as a chicken? How did the raptor dinosaurs use their sickle or "killing" claw on each foot to kill their prey?

Sunday, November 9: "Veggiesauruses Large and Small"

Learn about a variety of plant-eating dinosaurs during this program. How were the duck-billed dinosaurs like Edmontosaurus, Maiasaura, and Parasaurolophus specially adapted for chewing their food? How were the horns and spikes on dinosaurs like Triceratops, Styracosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and Pachycephalosaurus used? Dinosaur models including model skulls will be used to help answer these questions.

Sunday, November 16: "Under the feet of T. rex"

Learn about the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex, a true giant of the Late Cretaceous Period! Was T. rex a predator, scavenger, or both? Was it a smart or stupid animal? What was its correct posture, and how did it balance on two legs? For what did it use its tiny arms? What made its teeth special? See and touch replica T. rex jaws, wishbone, and brain. Examine real T. rex fossils including a T. rex tooth, claw, and tailbone.

The programs will be held in the area adjacent to the exhibit in the lower level of the Center Court at Lindale Mall and are free to the public.

Online Producer: Michelle Caldwell

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