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Off-The-Shelf Orthotics

This type of brace is ordered according to size and then custom fitted to the patient. In other words, a manufacture has already made the brace and will ship it to one of our Certified Orthotists who will then custom fit and educate the patient about the device. It is ideal for patients who wish to engage in normal day to day activities and who have proportional limb shape.

True comfort in a solid low-profile design

If you need a light-weight brace or one slim enough to fit under clothes, the GII Paradigm is a great choice. Rigid shells provide stability, while flexible thigh and calf sub-shells allow flexibility as your muscles contract.

A carbon fiber Triax® frame and hard, anodized polycentric hinges provide superior structural support and durability.

The GII Paradigm ligament brace is an effective device for ligament deficiency, ligament repair of ligament graft protection and stabilization following reconstructive surgery. The GII Paradigm stabilizes, supports and protects mild to severe ligament instability, laxity or sprains to the ACL, MCL, LCL and PCL (principal ligaments).

An upright off the shelf knee brace available to relieve the pain of OA. The GII Unloader Spirit effectively relieves the pain associated with mild to severe unicompartmental Knee Osteoarthritis.

It is a choice for knee conditions that would benefit from load reduction to the affected compartment, such as repair of articular cartilage defect repair, meniscal cartilage repair, avascular necrosis, and tibia plateau fracture.

Now with enhanced comfort in an adjustable, lightweight and low profile design.

For targeted pain relief therapy our patented GII three point pressure system is a biomechanical solution for a biomechanical problem. Patients afflicted with OA receive maximum comfort throughout the gait cycle because the "unloader" moment occurs only when needed. 

GII Unloader Spirit provides pain relief and comfort. Combined with its light weight and low profile, the Spirit is ideal for patients with proportionate limb shape and those who wish to enjoy their normal daily activities.
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