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Health Plus: High School Sports Injuries


Waverly (KWWL) -- Millions of kids take part in high school sports and many will get hurt at some point.

Friday Night Football is king at high schools everywhere this time of year, and for every tackle and touchdown, a possible torn ligament, muscle or worse is just a whistle blow away.

17 year old Coty Hampton is a senior at Waverly-Shell Rock High School. Like a lot of student athletes his age, he's seen his share of injuries, some more serious than others. And while football is the cause of most injuries in high school sports it was a wrestling match that took him down for the count.

"He fell backwards and tried to throw me and I landed on my clavicle, broke off my sternum and into my main artery to my heart," said Hampton.

An x-ray didn't reveal the broken collar bone, but an MRI finally did, and the bone break proved life-threatening.

"If I would have been pushed while it was still broken while walking in the hallway, just one shoved could have punctured it," said Hampton. "I could have died."

Doctors say high school sports pose more danger now than ever.

"I think kids today are bigger and stronger," said Dr. Adam Brooks of Waverly's Covenant Clinic. "There's more weightlifting involved than in years past more training involved, so the increase in velocity involved and muscle mass means more force."

Coty can hardly wait to get the green light from his doctor to rejoin his team in uniform and get back on the field. He's a bit nervous about re-injuring himself but willing to take the gamble.

"Sometimes things go wrong and it just happens, there's not much you can do about it," said Hampton.

Doctor Brooks has some tips to stay injury free: be sure to get annual physicals for sports, use only proper equipment, always warm up first, take plenty of water breaks during practice and receive proper coaching.

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