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Protecting young ears

What's a high school football game without a marching band performance?

Band Director, David Fairchild, worries about the noise hurting the young musicians' ears.

"It's almost as if something tangible has hit you in the face. It's about as loud as a train. He says that's especially true for those on the drum line," says Fairchild

"It feels really loud. I guess you could say you're in the train." said Alex Dollard, Drummer.

Audiologists say, over time, loud music and noises can damage hearing.

"If it is really loud, it can cause trauma to the ear and the hair cells of the actual inner ear are what's damaged. And once they're damaged, they cannot be repaired," said Laura Castel, Audiologist.

So drummers like 14-year-old Dlex Dollard are taking precautions and wearing special ear plugs.

"It kind of deadens the sound. You can still hear everything. It's just kind of like you put a thick blanket over it," says Castel.

He knows that's better than the alternative. Musicians with bad hearing are not going to be very good musicians.

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