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Cataracts: keeping your sight

If you're getting older and having trouble with your eyesight, you might want to see an Ophthalmologist.

Jeanne Woods was in her early 50s when she first developed cataracts.

"I experienced blurring of vision, problems driving at night and problems seeing in general," says Woods.

"Those are some of the classic symptoms of cataracts," says Ophthalmologist, Marguerite McDonald. "They might have double vision from one eye. They need more light to read. They can't read as long as they'd like. They notice that colors seem to fade and turn yellow on them."

McDonald explains cataracts develop slowly as people age. A cataract is a clouding of the natural crystalline lens of the eye. Some patients put off treatment by changing their glasses prescription but McDonald says they'll eventually need a permanent fix.

"Cataracts are treated surgically. There is no diet or exercise or medication that can prevent their development nor eliminate the cataract," said Dr. McDonald.

McDonald claims there is a way to slow the development of a cataract. The only effective thing you can do to retard the formation of cataracts is to wear UV blocking sunglasses.

McDonald also suggests having a clear coating of UV protection on your regular glasses.

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