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Correcting kid vision

If your child is struggles in school, poor vision may be to blame.

Six year old Aayliyah Gomez is "eyeing" another pair of glasses. She already has quite a collection.

But before glasses, she struggled to read the bulletin board in pre-school. And at home, even watching cartoons was difficult.

Aaliyah's mother says she had to sit literally in front of the T.V.

So she came to see optometrist David Redman who diagnosed her with astigmatism and prescribed glasses. The difference was immediate.

"The day she put them on it was like she saw me. She said, 'mommy you look different.' and she said, 'your face just looks clearer," says Aaliyah's mother.

And school became easier too. She could read the chalkboard,and started raising her hand to answer questions. Dr. Redman says often learning disabilities are actually undiagnosed vision problems.

"When children are diagnosed with a learning disability, about 60% of the time it's just a visual problem and then once they get their glasses, they come up to speed," says David M. Redman, O.D., Optometrist.

He says a pediatrician's eye exam is not enough. Kids need a more thorough exam and he recommends they get one at ages 1, 3, and 5 -- and every year after that.

A vision exam sounds good in theory but not many parents are taking their kids to the eye doctor. A new study at U.C. San Diego found 90% of school age children in california have never had a vision exam.

Aaliyah is glad she got a vision exam. Now she is a confident student looking at a whole new clear world through rose colored glasses.

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