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Wahlert with first victory of season over Waterloo West


DUBUQUE (KWWL) - Waterloo West coming into this game 2-0.  Wahlert on the other hand, switch those numbers around.  0-2, coming off two tough games, and a loss to Hempstead last week.

It's fair to say Wahlert' defense was on fire.  Linebacker Nolan Gall with the hit. Kramer Ulkik with another hit.

But the rain didn't help. May with the attempt to Ulkik here. And it slips right out of his hands. 

No scoring action until just under six minutes in the first quarter. May with the pass to Ben Radkey.  It's 7-0 Wahlert. And that may have given them a little piece of mind.

Then in the second quarter. May with the 50 plus lob to Dan Leibfried. He's taken down near the 15.  Wahlert would settle for a field goal....its 10-0 at half.

And it's still raining.  In the third quarter thought. West gets on the board. Ay with the attempt and it's picked off by Ryan Edwards.  He's off to the races.  'S 10-6 after a missed field goal.

Wahlert wins it 24-12

Click here for pictures of tonights game.

Online reporter: Lauren Squires

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