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Diagnosis and Treatment

RCI physicians will look at the results from the ultrasound and the information on your history form to determine the most effective treatment path. For some patients, that may be conservative approaches such as simple lifestyle changes or wearing compression stockings.

For others, RCI's non-surgical laser treatment, or EVLT, is the answer. Performed at the RCI clinic, this 45-minute in-office procedure uses local anesthetic, involves minimal scarring, and offers fast recovery. Most patients resume their normal activities the next day.What's more, EVLT is reimbursable by most health insurance plans.

In some cases, your physician may recommend additional treatments to optimize the cosmetic appearance of your legs. These include microphlebectomy, where smaller varicose veins are actually removed through a series of small skin punctures; and sclerotherapy, which treats the small red or purple spider veins that lie close to the skin surface.

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