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Down to Earth: Internet provides green inspiration


by Jenn Jarvis

When you type the words "going green" into a search engine, more than 3 million results pop up.

Going green is now about more than just separating your paper and plastic on trash day. Environmentalists are getting creative and looking to share their ideas. And whether you're walking down the aisle or planning for play time here's my top ten picks for the eco-chic.
When it's time to do a little spring, or fall, cleaning, don't pull out the trash bag. Instead, list your unwanted items on You simply sign up for a local group and create an online post when you have something to share.
It may not be wedding season, but there are still plenty of brides busy planning the big day. And wants to turn your white wedding into a green one. Get tips on eco friendly garments, party favors and even honeymoon destinations.
If you're in the market for some new electronics, check out the assessment tool It compares different models on not only what they're made of, but also how they are made. It even takes into account how items are packaged.
The Green Loop is your green style guide. Everything from clothing and shoes to accessories can be bought directly from the site. Product descriptions include information on how it is animal friendly, planet friendly and people friendly.
Grooming tools, toys and food are all available on this site catering to the eco-friendly pet.
If you are looking to make your business eco-friendly, the Carbon Fund can tell you how. The goal is a zero carbon footprint by reducing as much as possible and offsetting the rest through carbon reducing projects. Their planning includes building maintenance, office supplies and employee travel.
The Green Guide is a great online resource for all things green. It's sponsored by National Geographic and includes information on food, travel, pets, and your home. There are quizzes and blogs on a variety of topics. If you're not sure where to start, this is a great source of inspiration. started as a blog, authored by environmentally interested parents. They share their thoughts on schools, toys, foods and clothes. There's a focus on organic and non-toxic products.
Treehugger is a great general resource site for the green-minded, but I particularly love their buying guides. Whether you're buying a computer or sofa, their guides include photos, store locations and prices.
Calling itself "The consumer's guide to the green revolution," this site focuses on buying green. Like other general resource sites there are sections for food, pets and even weddings.

Online Reporter: Jenn Jarvis

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