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With over 4,000 satisfied patrons already in our log books, we are confident of helping every prospecting new patient with equal care and attention.  Having benefited from our experience and expertise, our patrons readily vouch for our superior Customer Satisfaction policy. Here are the words of just a few of our patients.

Bradley Whitmore (50+) - Registered Nurse / Type of correction: Farsighted/astigmatism

"I'm active and wanted to be able to function without glasses or contacts. All of the personnel were very friendly and helpful. They were patient, informative and very professional. The surgical procedures itself went very smooth.  This has made me free of worry and frustration as it relates to vision."

Paula Nicoll (40+) - Teacher / Type of correction:  High myopia and astigmatism

"I wanted to see without the hassle of contacts or glasses. My contacts were becoming less comfortable the older I got. When I visited the Cedar Valley Eye Care, Dr. Puk and the staff were very informative and caring. The surgery was surprisingly painless and relatively quick.  I could see right away ant there was very little recovery time. This has definitely helped simplify my routine and saved me money on contacts, glasses and solutions. It's wonderful to be able to swim and see at the same time. I highly recommend laser vision correction and Dr. Puk."

Jennifer Duven - Student

"I wore contacts every day, and they always hurt. Many times I would have to wear my glasses.  My mother suggested I check into laser vision correction surgery - the thought of never having to put another contact lens in my eye really appealed to me.  The experience at Cedar Valley Eye Care was great. The nurses and Dr. Puk were friendly and I felt like I was well educated on the subject before the procedure was performed.  Since laser vision correction, my mornings are easier now that I don't worry about contacts or glasses. I am much more comfortable in malls, restaurants and outside - anywhere the air is dry."

Cory Clark - Marketing

"Before surgery, my life was centered around having glasses on or nearby.  I decided to have laser vision correction after hearing the success stories of others who were in my situation. I would describe my experience with Cedar Valley Eye Care as simply outstanding!  I has some difficulties early on and they went out of their way to take care of them - even meeting with me on Easter Sunday.  I'm now at 20-15 with clear vision!  And the procedure couldn't have been easier. My wife, who is typically nervous about medical procedures, watched with amazement at how easy it was.  Now things that were previously hassle-filled ( camping, water skiing, etc.) are now a breeze."

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