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Virtual Doctor's Office

At one Grapevine, Texas medical practice, there's no more waiting for a prescription refill, or to make a doctor's appointment, or to ask a question about symptoms.

The traditional doctor's visit is going the way of the typewriter as the clinic puts the office visit all online.

Shawn Davidson is a mom and student, and says taking an hour out of her day to see her doctor is nearly impossible.

"There is a lot to balance and twice as many doctors appointments when you have a child," Davidson said.

So Shawn found an OB-GYN that offered online services.

She now has "virtual office visits."

"You pick your provider, which it has my doctor listed in the drop down and then my preferred insurance, which it already has my insurance information loaded."

Using her login, she can type in her symptoms and her answers go directly to her doctor, who can then diagnose her and call in a prescription.

Shawn also gets prescription refills, pays her bill, and makes an appointment without picking up the phone.

Barbara Buckley is a nurse practitioner in charge of the online system at Comprehensive Women's Healthcare in Grapevine.

She says in three months over 1,000 patients were signed up.

"There are just a lot times when women have mild complaints or follow up that we really don't examine them when they come to office, and so that just highlights when a virtual office is ideal," said Buckley.

Virtual office visits cost what face-to-face visits cost: $35.

Insurance companies are starting to cover them.

Shawn says in her busy life time is money.

"I think it makes it more accessible for people who can't take off of work to go to the doctor," she said.
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