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"Road born energy"

Driving is more expensive than ever because of high energy costs.

But imagine a day when, simply by driving your car, you could actually generate a new, inexpensive source of energy.

Electro Gravity technologies, a small Silicon Valley startup, has big plans to put cells no larger than a dime on roads across the world.

As cars drive on the cells, the pressure they put on them creates energy.

"As we push on this, we simulate a car moving. The pressure, the gravity of my hand as I push it, it generates electricity," said Faramarz Ghassem of Electro Gravity Technologies.

This new technology produces electricity that is immediately useable, renewable, and available for a fraction of the cost of coal, nuclear or solar energy.

"This makes perfect sense. I mean, you are driving your car everyday. Why not create free energy that does not cost anybody any money," said Allen Nejah, also with Electro Gravity Technologies.

It's a new technology that could someday turn the road you already drive into an electric power plant.

Electro Gravity says they hopes to start making the cells by the beginning of next year.

They also hopes to do the manufacturing in the bay area.

They will need a city to allow them to put the cells into its roads.

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