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Tornado surviving dog gets a second chance


PARKERSBURG, IA (KWWL) - Dan Bleeker lost nearly everything in the Parkersburg tornado; his house, his mother and his two dogs. 

"When I seen it, see what was happening, I ran to the basement.  I didn't have time to get the dogs it was all over but the dogs were gone." Bleeker said. 

After the storm Bleeker figured there was no chance that either of his dogs survived.  Until nine days later when he received a call about a yellow lab in the vehicle salvage yard near Parkersburg.  It seemed that one of Bleeker's dogs recognized the car. It was his owner's car.  Then, like a good dog, he sat and waited.

After several attempts to get the dog out they went to the other side of the car and simply reached inside the glove compartment and found a contact number.  The dog walked away twelve pounds lighter, but with only a few scratches.  Perhaps it has something to do with his name.

"I can't remember why we named him Chance but I guess evidently it was a good name," he said, "he gets a second chance."

A second "Chance" to be man's best friend; to a man who lost so much.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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