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Life saving mattress

By Lauren Squires

PARKERSBURG (KWWL) -- There have been plenty of amazing stories of survival in Parkersburg.  But the story of Joel Jackson and his family could be called a miracle. 

Jackson and his family have lived in Parkersburg since February of 2008. In their short time here, they'll always remember the night of May 25th. 

"I still get the chills, eerie feeling. I wake up smelling the small that we smell today," Jackson said.

For him, it all started on as a normal Sunday evening.  Then they headed to the basement, just in time. 

"The only thing that came to mind was helping the babies. We started hearing debris hitting the house.  Before I knew it, fifteen seconds later it was gone, everything," Jackson said. 

And with Joel Jackson's house being completely destroyed by the tornado.  It's hard to believe that this mattress could be the reason why his family's still alive. 

Jackson's roommate had a few old mattresses stacked up in the basement.  He used them to cover his 5 kids and then, he laid on top of them, to keep the mattresses from flying away.

"The debris was ground level. The only thing that saved us was the padding on the mattress," he said.

Jackson suffered minor injuries.  His seven month old daughter broke her leg.  Everyone else walked away without a scratch.  It's all thanks to a father with courage and an old mattress, that's now a lifesaver. 

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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