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Pat Hansen: a good day, all day

by Sunny Layne

DYSART (KWWL) - Scheduling meetings, organizing paperwork, we all know secretaries play an integral roll in businesses and schools, but one 30-year school-secretary has defined her job by changing lives, one smile at a time.

Pat Hansen is someone you should know.

Another school day begins at Dysart Geneseo Elementary.

"You are an amazing kid Simon!"

But one woman manages to make each morning a special occasion.

"And it's going to take an extra smile or two to get beyond these clouds."

Her name: Pat Hansen, her job: school secretary.

"I have my secretarial duties but a lot of them aren't secretarial duties. There's kids and my passion has always been children," Hansen said.

After greeting students like a resident grandmother, this super-secretary turns her smile to the morning announcements, where she gives her trademark sign-off.

"Have a good day, all day."

"After I had my bad morning once, I came in and talked to her," said fourth-grader Cole Moody, "and she just kinda made me feel happier."

"Sometimes she always makes everybody happy when they come into her room," said first-grader Allie Carty.

"She's been the same smiling face everyday for 30 years," Principal David Hill said.

Principal Hill says everyone in the community knows Pat, because she's helped to positively shape generations of children, and he should know.

"Mr. Hill was once one of my little kids," Pat Hansen said, "and now he is my boss."

"Do you ever have to pull him aside still?" reporter Sunny Layne asked.

"No, he was a good kid and he's still a very nice man," Hansen said.

"That's Pat's number one job here. To make them feel they are welcome, that they have someone that cares about them, someplace they belong," Principal Hill said.

When Pat announced she would retire after 30 years, students and teachers wanted her to know the impact she'd had on their lives.

At a special assembly, surrounded by custom-made smiley faced t-shirts reading her trademark "Have a good day all day" on the back, Pat traded in smiles for tears.

"I don't think we will fill her shoes, I think things will be different," Hill said. "We just hope to carry on a lot of the same traditions."

With a tradition of smiles, any day can be a special occasion.

"Then we have a happy day all day, don't we?" Pat Hansen said.

Pat Hansen vows she's not going away, she plans on volunteering at the school and in the community.

Online Reporter: Sunny Layne

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