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911 Tornado calls from Parkersburg, New Hartford


BUTLER COUNTY (KWWL)--  Hear some of the very first 9-1-1 emergency calls from Sunday's F-5 tornado, as it hit Parkersburg and New Hartford.

D: "911"

C: "I'm in Parkersburg. It's look bad, real bad."

D: "We've got'em all coming. We lost houses and everything,"

C: "We've got people trapped underneath a house in Parkersburg."

D: "Address?"

C: "Corner of 3rd street and 4th ave."

D: "Are they injured?"

C: "We can't get them. 15 of us and we can't get to them."

C: "A tornado has hit The Pizza Ranch in Parkersburg, and kids are trapped in the bathroom, kids are trapped, they need help."

D: "We'll get them. We'll get them."

D. "Stop yelling please.

C. "What?"

D. "Stop yelling and just give me an address."

C. "905 Conn. C-O-N-N Street, in Parkersburg."

D. "And what's happened?"

C: "We had a tornado."

D: "Is anyone hurt?"

C: "Yes there are four of us standing here, five of us, sorry."

D: "Okay."

C: "Everybody on this street has been hurt."

D: "I'll get you there, I'll get someone there."

C: "Hurry, bye."

C. "The tornado went over a house." A propane tank is leaking real bad."

D. "What?"

C. "A propane tank is fixing to blow, and we can't get out because power lines are down all around us."

This is just  

Some of the chaos associated with the moments after the tornado hit Parkersburg.

Online Producer: Michelle Caldwell

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