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The list of 2008 RAGBRAI overnight stops is out. And the chilly weather may be keeping bicyclists inside, but things are heating up online.

The online forums are on fire with new posts and comments. The excitement is already building not only in Iowa, but around the world.

Here's some places to swap RAGBRAI war stories, network or start your training.
The official RAGBRAI destination is a great starting point. There are maps, photos and videos from previous years and a store to buy your official RAGBRAI gear. There's also plenty of training tips for first-timers like how many miles you should have under your belt before the main event. There are also forums here where people from Europe to San Francisco are forming teams and organizing places to do laundry.
This is a more of a local approach to forums. Glurb is a collection of forums dedicated to individual cities in Iowa. It another place for out-of-towners to connect with locals and locals to organize themselves.
This Web site has a strong presence year round and it is about more than just RAGBRAI. Iowa bike enthusiasts unite on everything from pending legislation to what tires are best. There's information on weather, trails, equipment and training. Not to mention calendars with upcoming races and weekly rides to get you ready for RAGBRAI 2008.

North Liberty MySpace Group
Some North Liberty residents are looking to connect with RAGBRAI-ers and get some feedback on how to prepare. If you're a MySpace member you can join the group and leave some comments.
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